Malir Expressway Inauguration

December 24th, 2020: In the presence of honourable Bilwal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party and members of the Public-Private Partnership, we witnessed the inauguration of Malir Expressway. The 39-Kilometre-long expressway will be constructed under priority basis in order to ease the traffic congestion and facilitate trade routes. Syed Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh, formally approved the construction of Malir Expressway and is set to be completed within 3 years’ time.

While addressing the audience, the CM added, “Malir Expressway’s main objective is to construct a strategic expressway to share the increased traffic in the North of Karachi”. He further added, “It would be providing fast access to the significant real estate projects along the route, hence decreasing the travelling time from the KPT flyover to the motorway to just 25 minutes”.

The Minister for Local Government, Jam Khan Shoro, was also present during the inauguration. He shared useful insights of the project- he explained, “It will be a four-lane expressway along the Malir River starting from Hino Chowk and ending at the Super Highway (M-9) near Kathore. The length of the project will be 39-kilometres”.

Karachi, being the metropolitan city of Pakistan, has the fastest-growing business potential along with a drastically increasing population. Owing to these factors, unprecedented pressure is placed upon the infrastructure. This further translates into increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic which adds to traffic congestion. In order to avoid this hassle, the Government of Sindh has joined hands with the Local Government and has announced the construction of a four-lane expressway starting from KPT Interchange to DHA City.

According to the official plan, the project is divided into two phases for smoother execution and delivery. During the first phase, the project will witness its transaction, preparation, and approval. During the second phase, the project will be execute assistance in the request for proposal process, assistance in the bid evaluation process and negotiation, finalisation, and execution of the concession agreement.

Given the proposed route map, Malir Expressway will be the shortest alternative route to M-9 Motorway from DHA City Karachi. Malir Expressway will bridge the gap between DHA City Karachi and the industrial hub. It will pose as the fastest route for the residents of DHA City to downtown Karachi. The expressway is being designed for speedy yet safe travel from the urban areas of the city to nearby villages.