The real estate market in Pakistan has been the most uncertain of all. However, if you play your cards right it can prove to be lucrative. 2020 seemed a very promising year for the real estate market but due to ill-fated circumstances, the market did not prove to be fruitful in the said year.

It was predicted that the real estate market will have a great impact in 2020 given the political stability and safe bets to invest. Owing to the new government, the inflation rate for 2020 was predicted to be lower than the previous year. The prime minister introduced new reforms that would pose beneficial for the real estate market- one was which was giving this market industry status which would increase transparency within the sector. It was also predicted that there will be foreign investment in the real estate industry as all the transactions will be monitored and there will be no scams. However, this was not frequently practiced in 2020 as there were numerous lockdowns.

Amidst the unfortunate circumstances, a number of areas were forecasted as the top areas for investment purposes;

DHA City Karachi- Defence Housing Authority is an accomplishment in the paradigm of housing schemes. It was highlighted as one of the best options in 2020 to invest in.

Gulshan- e-Maymar- It was considered as the second-best option for investment purposes. This was due to its commercial areas showcasing an impressive performance in 2019. Invested enjoyed healthy returns against their investment in Gulshan-e-Maymar’s commercial areas.