DHA City Karachi with an intention to revolutionize the DHA Real Estate industry has been working as an investment hub for recent years. Our team provides the finest advice with a promising experience of investment in DHA City. We hand over absolute including updated prices, news related to it, and the current progress. The DCK gives a unique opportunity to overseas Pakistani as well to invest and built their dream home in Pakistan.

About DHA City Karachi (DCK)

DCK is located on the superhighway. Construction of road linking superhighway and airport have to shorten the travel time.

DCK enjoys the privilege of being the largest housing scheme launched in the history of Real Estate. The total available land in DCK is 11,640 acres out of which around 5,000 acres of land is being offered for allotment to numerous categories. We are delighted to announce that this is also the first time that the civilian of Defense Housing Authority (DHA) gets the opportunity get a plot in their scheme directly, as before DHA always used to allot plots to Armed Forces Officers and after that those individuals were enabled to sell their plot to civilians in the open market.


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(DCK) is a unique residential-cum-commercial project which is being speedily developed in accordance with contemporary engineering and architectural practices.


The Downtown of (DHA City Karachi) consists of Central Business District, Culture & Arts District, Educational District, Central Market District.

Culture & Arts District

This District is planned exclusively for arts & cultural activities. Includes Auditorium, Theater, Cinema and Expo Center.

Health District

Spread over 90 Acres, DCK Healthcare District will provide state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to DHA City Karachi residents.

Educational District​

Each sector shall have kindergarten, primary / secondary schools and for higher educations an Educational District is designed in DOWTOWN

Central Business District

Includes Banks, Financial institutions, Administrative & Public welfare Buildings, Restaurant and Luxury Hotels.

Central Market District

Includes Stand-alone Shops, Shopping Center, Recreational Facilities, Restaurant, Parking Lots, Food street, Parks.



20,000 ACRES divided in17 Sectors Capacity of 1 million population



Luxury Villas in DCK

Defines the quality of living with highest standards of security, privacy and comfort with style



DCK Farmhouses will provide UP-Beat, Serene and countryside lifestyle with leisure facilities & activities.


Golf Resort

Surrounded by 18 holes PGA Standard Golf Course, planned and designed by world-class professionals.